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Narrative Essay on Overcoming a difficult challenge - Guide



If you are a student you must have written a narrative essay before. For many students writing a narrative essay is one of the simplest tasks. However, there are thousands of students who dread this task because they think that they should have great writing skills to be able to write an outstanding narrative essay o9r else consider an essay writing service. No doubt, every type of academic requires you to have good writing skills to be able to ace it but the good news is that you don’t have to be a professional to write a narrative essay. You just gotta learn a few tricks and techniques that will help you construct an amazing essay. It is not an impossible task to write a good narrative essay if you put in a little effort you could get an A grade in your narrative essay assignment. 







You just have to believe in yourself and your skills. It is okay if you don’t know how to write a narrative essay because you can learn how to construct a mindblowing essay. You must have a look Narrative Essay Examples to get an idea about how to write an outstanding write my essay. Every academic writing has different requirements you gotta understand the requirements and how to meet those requirements. its requirements are super simple and easy to understand. You have to write an essay using first person narrative. The vocabulary of the essay should not be too complexed. 



A narrative essay does not require citations or references because it is based on your personal experience so you are free to add whatever details and descriptions you feel like unlike other types of academics. I will share a guide and example of a sample narrative write essay for me task on overcoming a difficult challenge to make you understand how can you write a narrative on this topic. 



Sample Narrative Essay



 Challenges are the salient part of our lives and no matter how hard we try challenges are inevitable so we have no other option other than overcoming them. Although i have faced several challenges in my but none of them shook me completely from inside. I remember i was in 3rd grade when i became friends with a girl named sarah. Our friendship grew stronger with the passing time and i could not even imagine loosing her. One day we planned to go out after taking an evening class or else consider a paper writing service



We really enjoyed until a horrific incident took place and changed everything in a few moments. We both were walking on the oblivious and entirely unaware of the surroundings suddenly a car came from behind and hit us. I was on the side so i fell on the footpath but Sarah fell on the road and blood was everywhere. I was losing conscious gradually but i don’t know how i managed to get up and looked out for her. I somehow managed to dragged her from the road but i could not remain conscious for long. After that i woke up in a hospital and after inquiring i happened to know that someone found us both unconscious on the road so they took us to hospital. I felt like the world changed for us in a moment. We could have never thought that we would be enjoying one moment and would be dying the very next moment. My friend sarah was badly injured and she was unconscious for more than 24 hours. I was discharged after two days of being kept in observation by essay writer because i was not injured, i was just mentally disturbed and shocked due to the incident.



 I was unaware of the condition of my friend so i asked repeatedly about her then a nurse told me that she is unconcious. It was most horrific challenge that i ever faced but overcame with courage and patience. Although i was still in a denial of what happened i managed to keep myself sane. Although i was surrounded by despair, fear and uncertainty but i had to hold on to the hope and showed me the ray of light. We were sitting in the hospital praying for her when a doctor came and told that she is conscious and out of danger now. we took care of her and within a few days she recovered a lot. She was able to walk after two weeks of recovery. No matter how big or difficult the challenge may be, it always comes with a solution. All we need to gather at that time is courage and hope that leads a path of success and prosperity. 



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